STACBOND® composite panel


Epoxy based (chrome free)

0,5 mm aluminium

3105 alloy



Mineral /  Mineral charged


0,5 mm aluminium

5005 alloy


PVDF 70/30 paint


*  In three-layer finishes or under request

Protector film

STACBOND® composite panel is composed of two aluminium sheets and a mineral charge inner core. It has excellent mechanical properties, providing bending rigidity with reduced weight, surface flatness, durability and ease of maintenance. It is specially designed for ventilated facades of new construction as well as for their renovation or rehabilitation. It provides adaptable solutions to all fields of architecture. Its manufacturing standard consists of an outer sheet of aluminium alloy 5005 and an inner sheet of 3105. There are two different cores available depending on their mineral charge which may be non-combustible or fire retardant, and are classified (in accordance with UNE 13501-1:2007) as A2-s1, d0 (STACBOND® A2) and B-s1, d0 (STACBOND® FR). It offers a full range of colours, glosses, textures and natural finishes. It can also be supplied in any colour from the RAL / PANTONE / NCS charts. Please enquire us for details. STACBOND® composite panel is available in multiple standard dimensions up to 2000 mm wide. Other dimensions can be supplied under request.

All RAL colours possible

Excellent weight/surface value

Easily conformable

High resistance to UV rays

rapid and simple assembly

High impact resistance

Excellent dimensional stability

Totally recyclable


Non-combustible composite panel with a mineral core that meets the highest fire classification standards.

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Fire retardant composite panel with a inner core with mineral charge.

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The STACBOND® aluminium composite panel is available in MAX 2000 format (2 m wide), providing countless concept opportunities for architects and installers.

Benefits include fewer joints and cuts thanks to wider facade modulations, as well as tighter fabrication and installation costs, as it optimizes the configuration of machined parts within the same panel.

We are committed to protecting the environment, so much so that our FR and A2 core materials are made from recycled components.

This allows us to reduce the carbon footprint of our products, creating the most sustainable solutions with the best quality, taking care of the whole creative process from the raw materials to the end product.

STACBOND® has a wide range of high quality natural colours, glosses, textures and finishes. It can also be supplied in any RAL colour.

STACBOND® composite panel can be made from coils of other metals such as copper and zinc, providing a wide range of finishes that extend the limits of your imagination.

Please, consult STACBOND® about the characteristics of these finishes with patination and natural oxidation processes.




Assembly systems

STACBOND® composite panel

Coil coating