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Neubau Collection

The material that gave shape to the architecture of the 20th century projected onto new trends for the 21st century: the Neubau Collection by STACBOND gives any new construction or restoration the clean and serious image that it needs to convey thanks to the sobriety of the metals that it is inspired by.

A contemporary air

Discretion and poise in an urban environment? Or gleaming highlights that draw attention in the middle of nature? The finishes of this range achieve both at the same time based on the features of brushed metals, corten steel and natural polish. Their appearance resembles a starry sky and lends a contemporary aura to the surfaces where they are applied.

Internal technology

And, just like the rest of the materials in this range, innovation is also found within: with unbeatable ease of application, the exclusive STACBOND technology creates more energy-efficient double-skin façades and safer, more attractive buildings that are always iconic.

Discover the finishes of this collection

Natural brushed


Apollo brushed metallic


Mercury brushed metallic


Discovery brushed metallic


Soyuz brushed metallic


Ariane brushed metallic (Temporarily not available)


Neo corten




Assembly systems

STACBOND® composite panel

Coil coating