Cookies Policy

A cookie is a small file that is stored on your device when you visit a website on the browser of your computer or mobile, which enables the storage and recovery of certain information related to your browsing, and makes it possible to recognize you to facilitate access to certain services.

Some are technically essential, such as those used so that when you go shopping or access your email you do not need to enter your user name and password at every step. These are called “technical cookies”, and are only used while you are on the web. If these are deactivated, you may not be able to correctly access all the contents and services of this website, or your navigation may be a little more uncomfortable if you access a space where it is necessary to identify yourself.

Others are the so-called “analytical cookies”, which may allow us to collect statistics about your browsing, allowing us to know your interests in order to offer you a service more oriented to your preferences and needs. Disabling these cookies does not affect the functionality of the site, but you may not receive commercial or advertising content specifically targeted to you.

Neither first-party nor third-party “analytical cookies” are used on this website.

What cookies are used in ECO BIERZO COMPOSITE, S.L.?



  • PHPSESSID: essential session cookie, used to configure automatic and temporary session variables, inherent to the programming used on the page. Also to identify yourself if you access a private area to access personal information, an administration area, or log in to make a purchase or services that require authenticating the user.
  • cc_cookie_accept, cc_cookie_decline: prmanent cookies to remember whether or not a user authorizes the use of cookies on the website.


  • This website does NOT use first-party analytical cookies.



  • NID, PREF, khcookie: Session and owned by Google. They are cookies that allow us to insert a GoogleMaps map to display content on it. These cookies belong to their respective suppliers and are therefore governed by their respective cookie policies.


  • __utma, __utmb, __utmc, and __utmz: Persistent and owned by Google. These are Google Analytical cookies, which allow us to know how many visitors we have, how they have reached Stac, S.L., whether they use a mobile or a computer, the source of traffic, distinguish new visits and returns, etc. If you wish, there are tools available for your browser, so that GoogleAnalytics can not collect your information:]
  • This website does NOT use any analytical cookies for advertising or commercial purposes.

If you view any ad or commercial communication on the website, it is fixed, rotating or aleatory, with the same criteria for all visitors, without taking into account their identification or personal browsing habits.


How can I disable or configure cookies on my browser?

Remember that if you disable them, in some cases your browsing experience of many websites may be hindered in aspects such as, for example, administering contents, checking your email or making an online purchase.

This process is different depending on the web browser you use on your computer or mobile device, but the vast majority have tools that allow you to configure whether you want to automatically delete cookies when you close the application, or permanently disable them. Therefore, for your convenience, we provide below some links where you can learn how to configure the most common browsers:

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