Technical solutions

STACBOND® has a large technical department made up of architects, engineers, designers and calculators to make your projects come true.

Upon receipt of the necessary documentation, our technicians develop the plans in AutoCAD / REVIT and recommend the most appropriate system based on the characteristics of the project, carry out an optimization and modulation study of the façade and advise the dimensions of the plates of composite panel in order to budget the best solution.

3D facade scanning

STACBOND® engineers have integrated a new facade scanning system, which allows the mapping of buildings for subsequent direct work in the calculation and construction programs. This system is distributed in three steps: A scan is carried out using a special camera in various areas around the building, generating point maps. Specific software collects and interprets these maps to generate a 3D reconstruction. This reconstruction allows direct work for a much faster and more precise calculation by means of a complement for Autocad and Revit of any work intervention, such as facade modulations.

STACBOND® Software

STACBOND® has developed its own software to perform calculations based on the project typology (height of the crest, pressure wind loads and suction), as well as the possible seismic risks taking into account the geographical location of the project and the local regulations.

  • SIKAR PANEL panel optimization software.
  • ABAKUS wind load analysis software.

SIKAR PANEL is a specific STACBOND® software that develops automation of the tray construction modules, and optimizes their distribution of the STACBOND® composite panel for greater material savings. This program also generates CNC files for multiple machining centers.

Technical assistance on site

STACBOND® offers the possibility of moving specialized technicians to any point of the planet to solve the most complex executions.

Customized solutions

Our experience and know-how is put at the service of technicians and architects to make their projects come true. The customization of solutions and elements is one of our strengths that makes us a preferred partner in projects where ventilated facades play a leading role.

  • Custom finishes
  • Any color from the RAL chart and special colors
  • Ad hoc mounting systems according to the application of the composite panel
  • Transformed