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Anodic collection

Anodising was invented a century ago as a way to increase the strength and durability of aluminium parts. Despite the passage of time, products with this finish continue to suggest reliability and awareness of modern aesthetics. Why not apply this to a building’s façade?

A visual magnet

The Anodic Collection range has been conceived to attract light—and attention. The process that these panels undergo ensures that sunlight shines on them reflecting ever-changing tones, and there is nothing better for a building than to be able to strike the viewer every time they cast their eyes on it.

State of the art technology

And, as is the case with all STACBOND ranges, the secret lies within. The product of state-of-the-art technology in the development of building materials, these panels offer great ease of installation and a wide range of geometric possibilities for builders, as well as the perfect formula for reducing costs for end users, thanks to the energy efficiency provided to the façades on which they are applied.

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