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The city is synonymous with speed, exchanges, efficiency. It is also synonymous with luxury, spectacle and multiculturalism. The STACBOND Metro Collection range panels convey the essence of the heart of the city by drawing inspiration from modern materials such as cement as well as traditional ones such as the various types of natural stone used in buildings all over the world.

An exemplary solution

STACBOND panels are a great option when it comes to designing efficient exterior surfaces for new constructions or renovated buildings that require a revamp. They are specifically designed for fast and efficient application, representing a perfect ally of today’s architecture.

Urban dynamism

Finishes inspired by various cement tones for sober and functional surfaces… or daring proposals for those who want their exterior to be noticed and stand out from the sprawl. From the heart of the metropolis to the desert or the cold tundra, with the great degree of inhabitability provided by state-of-the-art technology.

Discover the finishes of this collection

Dry concrete


Slate concrete


Basalt concrete


Onyx concrete


Symphony urban


Venetian theater


Namibia ambar


Tromso winter




Assembly systems

STACBOND® composite panel

Coil coating