Add value to your home with STACBOND®

The value of a typical property can be increased by up to 20% by updating its aesthetics and liveability through composite panelling.

The replacement of old, worn out or flawed materials for STACBOND® technology provides outstanding acoustic and thermal insulation, having a positive effect on the sustainability of any building.

TGA refurbishment | Barcelona

A ventilated facade reduces energy losses by 30%, thus resulting in financial savings that facilitate the recovery of the costs of improvements.

  • Edificio TGA Barcelona STACBOND

STACBOND® composite panel in refurbishment

The best solution on the market in terms of quality-price-benefits.

Thanks to the technology developed by STACBOND® for its aluminium panels, their installation on the facade is much cleaner, easier and more convenient than other systems.

Given that they are made from recyclable material, their use is much less harmful to the environment.

Edificio TGA Barcelona STACBOND

A single facade,

thousands of combinations

With multiple finishes and transformations, STACBOND® panels give free rein to the imagination.

Achieve a multitude of styles on a single facade by playing with different tones and textures. Bring your property back to life with our Solid collection or enhance its personality with the exclusive finishes of the Special collection.

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  • Edificio TGA Barcelona STACBOND

Ventilated facade

What is it all about?

Ventilated facades are an exterior enclosure system that enable the installation of STACBOND® composite panels separated by a layer of thermal insulation through a supporting structure. This separation distance allows air to flow between the panel and the facade, ensuring optimal thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as effective protection against atmospheric elements.

The main advantage of ventilated facades is energy savings, which are possible thanks to the chamber between the bricks and the composite panels, reducing thermal transmittance and saving energy inside the building.

Obtain a smooth facade with concealed installations

This “second skin” makes it possible to conceal all types of installations (piping, wiring, electrical boxes, etc.), as well as unevenness and imperfections on the facade. The result? A completely different and updated building.

Furthermore, the ease of installation and lightness of the panels enables the quick replacement of any damaged part, also making it possible to access any point of the interior facade to repair possible faults in installations.

A barrier against moisture

The air chamber of a ventilated facade provides a protective effect against moisture, given that in summer the ventilation reduces the temperature and the entry of moisture from the outside, and in winter it acts as an accumulator.

While other insulation systems without an air chamber are not safe and effective in climates with 400 to 600 mm of rainfall per year, STACBOND® panelling provides protection 365 days a year.

Refurbishment process

Advice from the very outset

STACBOND® has independent certified assembly systems so that, with the help of our technical department, comprised of architects, engineers, planners and estimators, you can choose the most suitable option for your facade.

Nova Cruz Hotel refurbishment | Portugal

Our technical department has the leading tools for facade study and development.

3D facade scanning

By conducting a study with a laser scanner, through the collection of a large amount of data, we can build the BIM model of a building to be renovated from a point cloud. This reconstruction enables direct work for much quicker and more accurate calculations.

Thermographic analysis of the facade

  • View energy losses.
  • Detect insulation failures.
  • Locate air leaks.
  • Find moisture nuclei, both in the interior and exterior structure.
  • Locate thermal breaks.
  • Locate water leaks in flat roofs.
  • Detect breaks and leaks in hot water pipes.
  • Detect electrical or construction faults.
  • Edificio TGA Barcelona STACBOND
  • Edificio de viviendas Santiago STACBOND
Antes-edificio-estradaEdificio TGA Barcelona STACBOND


A Estrada, Spain

Type: Homes

Architect: Jesús Morales Rodríguez

Finishes: Pure white, Carbon

Systems: STB-CH

Edificio TGA Barcelona STACBOND


Paphos, Chyprus

Type: Entertainment

Architect: Loucaides & Philippou architects

Finishes: Natural copper

Edificio TGA Barcelona STACBOND


Chauray, France

Type: Commercial

Finishes: Silver metallic

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