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New Releases 2023

Innovating to differentiate is one of the premises that has led STACBOND to become a market leader in the manufacture of materials for ventilated façades. Here are the company’s latest creations. We offer the latest aesthetic trends to make your project unique and a landmark in the urban landscape.

Continuous evolution

What does your project need? A natural texture that helps to camouflage it in nature? A more traditional finish, integrating it with other adjoining constructions? Or perhaps a touch of distinction that makes it stand out among the buildings that surround it? This collection provides the inspiration that each project needs, incorporating the latest aesthetic trends of the market and periodically updating its designs.

More sustainable skin

The innovation of STACBOND panels is noticeable from the outside… and from the inside. The design, based on two aluminum layers with a non-combustible core, coupled with the most advanced installation systems, ensures better air circulation and more efficient temperature regulation. In addition, thanks to their adaptability and ease of installation, STACBOND panels are ideal to give any façade a unique look, adapting to its specifics and to the taste of each architect.

Discover the finishes of this collection

Capri sense


West corten sense


Autumn chestnut sense


Mocha oak sense


Mountain oak sense


Straw chestnut sense


Corbel Sense


Ontario wind


Gallaecia sense


Palatino sense




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