Betting on safety and prevention

At STAC® we are working to continue providing our services worldwide. Our commitment to all of you continues to be 100% in all our products and services, in our deliveries and in the technical customer service that characterizes us.

At STAC® we are committed to safety and prevention, which is why we have been taking exceptional precautionary measures for weeks to ensure the safety of all our clients and employees.

We have incorporated safety protocols to reduce risks and ensure a healthy environment such as teleworking, established shifts for on-site jobs, safety distance between workers, as well as special disinfection of work areas between shifts. In addition, all workers have been provided with the necessary material so that they can carry out their tasks in a risk-free environment, as well as protocols for good practices and cleaning of work spaces and tools.

Main safety measures implemented in STAC®:

  • Gloves for handling all material.
  • Hydroalcoholic gels for disinfecting hands and work tools.
  • Masks for the protection of workers and transporters
  • Reduction of personnel inside the offices.
  • Teleworking for all positions that allow it (more than 90% of our office staff).

In the following links you can consult all the protocols and internal prevention measures carried out in STAC®, so that we can continue working side by side with total confidence and guarantee.



We ensure that all orders, quotations and enquiries will go ahead as smoothly as possible.

We will keep you informed of any new developments. In the meantime, we hope that both you and your loved ones are well.

Together we will manage to stop this virus.

Go ahead!