STACBOND technical catalogue has been completely updated to offer architects and installers all kinds of technical details and information on the different STACBOND ventilated façade assembly systems. In this new edition, the new STB-T-CH system has been incorporated, which allows a vertical modulating enclosure without visible fixations, maintaining the reliability of the previous STB-CH system but with the advantage of a considerable reduction in the cost of the profiling by using T-shaped uprights instead of the previous doubleT. Also included in the catalogue are the new “Remic bridge break chocks” developed by STACBOND to mitigate the thermal transmittance of cold and heat between the ventilated façade and the surface on which it is anchored. Other noteworthy additions to the catalogue are the references of all the drills used for panel machining as well as better explanations and details of the tray handling and forming processes.

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