New Environmental Product Declaration

Recently STAC has renovated the environmental product declaration (EPD) for the composite facade panels STACBOND®, according to the EN ISO 14025:2010 and EN 15804:2012+A2:2019/AC:2021 norms.

The main news is that the scope of the certificate, that until now covered the life phase, with the supply of raw materials, transport, and manufacturing, now includes the end of life and recycling phases of the product, with the deconstruction and demolition, transport, waste processing, disposal and the reuse-recover-recycle potential.   

The EPD, allows to assess the sustainability of construction products and services. It’s an objective quantification method of the environmental impact of the manufacturing processes of products and requires an independent third-party verification. STAC has chosen IK Ingeniería for the quantification method and Tecnalia for verification, that is the largest applied research and technical development center in Spain and is a reference in Europe.

With this environmental declaration with international reach and valid until 2028, STAC renews its commitment as a manufacturer with the measurement and reduction of the environmental impact of its products and services, promoting circular economy and reporting with transparency.  

In parallel STAC has also obtained the environmental product declaration according to the EN ISO 14025:2010 and EN 15804:2012+A2:2019/AC:2021 norms for the coated aluminum coils, with the same scope and validity. 


The validity of the STACBOND y COIL COATING are registered and published by STACBOND and is continuously registered and published on